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Not all the sketches made it into the book but, these studies/portraits of "Alara" and "Madison" are actually two of my art students, Shayna and her sister Kiera.  "Freddy" is a young "computer-type" character in the book, his visage comes from the younger version and  likeness of my very own "computer-type" guy!  The sketches were done as a black and whites for the book, which is about a young girl who dreams (?)... however there seems to be more to her dreams than meets the inner eye! Authors Tim Adams and Sam Inzerillo really push your imagination past its comfort zone in their new book entitled The Colors of Malent ,  released in March!  Look for book 2 soon!

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This is just a small section of a much larger piece of artwork!  The book was released in March - check out their website!
JAG copyright 2010
JAG copyright 2010
The "Snaphen" is only one of the deadly beasts that inhabit the land of Malent.  This drawing went through several evolutions before getting a final "thumbs up" from the bosses!
JAG Copyright 2010
Tim Adams, Joanie & Sam Inzerillo at a BATV art exhibit in Billerica, MA!  The guys were there to help promote the book and artwork and autographed them too!  Thanks guys!
The "Samontal Grogen" is yet another of the nasty beasts inhabiting Malent.  Even the lettering/positioning had to be just right.  Some people tell me he is really "gross" looking...but I don't know, I think he's kinda cute - I could really get into this "monster" designing thing!!.... Just sayin....
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