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Children are welcome in this workshop but must be accompanied by an adult who is also registered for the workshop - thank you!

Space is limited – sign up soon and of course until then – create an awesome day! Oxoxox’s Joanie

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You haven't had fun until you create your own designs!  Sometimes I scan my artwork into the computer and morph it into all kinds of shapes and sizes   and.... sometimes I do it by hand or even 3-D!  I save and collect all kinds of beads, mirrors, buttons, felt - you name it and have made wonderful and most of all FUN  works of art!  Do yourself a solid and try your hand at DESIGN!
Are you thinking "this piece done by hand?" - you would be right! Art design is fun and exciting and provides a real opportunity to express your artistic self!
Check out some student works!
                                                   MC/Visa accepted

As a valued client please understand,  time is important to both of us - it is critical to be on time and agree to be on-time for all sessions. If more than 15 minutes late, the session will be rescheduled. Client/student will be charged for any session not cancelled with a 24 hour notice.