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Meet Emerson!  A young lady, I met at the birthday party of a friend.  Emerson is Ed's granddaughter and is absolutely gorgeous.  She looked just like a little flower to me, so inspiring!  I asked her to stand among the flowers on the table, took lots of photos, did a black and white study, added some color and here is the result!  Thanks Emerson - you are one very cool young lady!

  You can draw too!  Take some portrait or facial features workshops or lessons! Especially when we have such awesome inspiration all around us!  Don't forget to bring your camera when you head out - you never know what ... or "who" will catch your eye!

Would you like a portrait done?  Children, Family members, Friends - even your favorite pets can be made into heart-warming pictures - Prices start at $100 - call me 978-807-7608 and check out my pricing and payment options too!

People and our relationships with them, make life worth-while!
Character Portrait -  Kiera
Portrait - Emerson
The artwork below was done by different students of all ages - after just a moment, you will see why they are so very dear to me!
Here are some of the awesome students that created them!
I think I can safely say I have "THE" best students in the world!!
    MC/Visa accepted

As a valued client please understand, time is important to both you and me - it is critical to be on time and agree to be on-time for all sessions. If more than 15 minutes late, the session will be rescheduled. Client/student will be charged for any session not cancelled with a 24 hour notice.