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Weddings!! Committment ceremonies!!  Nothing is more beautiful and exciting - a rite of passage where two hearts enter into a life long partnership of love and nuturing.  We start out with a blank slate and create our futures with our best expectations, full of love, energy and spirit.  Together.  Start by envisioning your own seating plans, seating cards, thank yous and much much more!  Here are some I have been honored to be a part of....  mmmm.....amore!!
JAG copyright 1995
JAG copyright 1995
Custom Thank You's for your special day!
Now this is an Original Idea! A large poster-sized framed seating plan hand-lettered Calligraphy with your choice of Artwork (sits on a presentation easel) instead of matchbooks or those messy little folded up pieces of card board!
Customized place cards
Table markers or gifts of "Love" (your choice) with my original verse or maybe you have one of your own for your other half?
You can "personalize" any of your wedding needs in anyway you can think of - as one of my favorite people used to say "you are only limited by how much you can stretch your imagination..."
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